Disruptive Games

Our Mission

Our mission at Disruptive Games is to create exceptional connected experiences that are worthy of our players' time and passion.

About Us

Disruptive Games develops connected experiences for all types of games, even genres that have historically been offline. Our past experience making AAA online games helps us tackle a range of projects, from developing cutting edge multiplayer experiences to bringing innovative networked features to "single player" games.

The game industry is an ever-changing environment, and at Disruptive we constantly challenge ourselves to let go of stale ideas and embrace new ones that will lead us to better games. At the same time we focus on what makes our experiences unique rather than chasing trends.

Disruptive Games is a licensed developer for PS4, PS3, PSVita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android.


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Eric Ellis

Co-Founder & CTO

Born and raised in Oakland, Eric has been creating video games since elementary school when he teamed up with friends to make games on his parents' TRS-80. Eric studied film at UCSC before starting his first job as a programmer at a tiny developer in Santa Cruz. He later spent seven years at Insomniac Games, making games with and learning from some of the most talented developers in the industry. As the lead of the multiplayer team at Insomniac, Eric met his future business partner and Disruptive co-founder Jake Biegel. While working together on the Resistance PS3 series, they recognized each other's drive to deliver deep innovative experiences in online multiplayer games. Their common vision for online games led Eric and Jake to partner in 2012 as the technical and creative forces behind Disruptive Games.

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Jake Biegel

Co-Founder & CCO

After graduating from UCLA with degrees in English and Music, Jake began his search for a career. Having been an avid gamer since he first picked up an ATARI 2600 controller, Jake sought out a job at Activision and decided to start his career there. From the very first day, it was a perfect fit. Jake was fascinated not only by games and their development, but also by the exhilarating pace of the industry that surrounded them. Although he started in a production role, the intricacies and creativity associated with dreaming up interactive worlds inspired him to hone his skills as a game designer. He went on to work as a designer at Neversoft, Pandemic and finally as lead designer at Insomniac Games where he met Disruptive co-founder Eric Ellis. Their shared devotion to online games and crafting extraordinary interactive experiences led them to create Disruptive Games.